Our staff for 2020-21 academic year

At KS2

Mrs Lisa Sexton (headteacher)

Mr Anthony Plumb

Ms Clare Christie

Mrs Anne Emerson (part time - catch up teacher)

At KS1/Foundation Stage

Mrs Rachel Baker

Our Teaching Assistants

Almost all of our teaching assistants work with a range of year groups across the key stages at different times of the week.

Mrs Danny Turke

Mrs Loraine Hyde

Mrs Lauren Andrew

Mrs Catherine Johnson

Miss Cara Hyde

Mrs Helen Enderby (1:1 assistant)

Miss Eloise Wooding (1:1 assistant)

Mrs Rachel Day (1:1 assistant)

Our School Business Manager 

Mrs Lesley Mackenzie

Our Midday Supervisors

Mrs Lauren Andrew

Miss Eloise Wooding 

Miss Cara Hyde

Mrs Helen Enderby

Our Cleaning Staff

Mrs Fiona Herbert

Mrs Lynn Bridgeman

Our Clerk to Governors

Mrs Lesley Mackenzie