Curriculum Intent Statement

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Our currciulum has been designed to ensure there is progression throughout the year groups and also that our school intent is clearly threader through. Below are the links to the progression documents for each subject that includes the intent, implementation and impact statements for individual subjects,  

English      Maths      Science      Art        Computing        Design Technology       Geography         History    

Modern Foreign Langauage (French)      Music     PHSE (incl RHE)     Religious Education    PE      

At Moulton Chapel Primary School we follow the Lincolnshire Agreed syllabus for RE 2018-2023.  Mrs Sexton has completed the Understanding Christianity training and so we also use units from this course in our RE sessions.  We have recently reviewed our RE curriculum and created a new long term plan in line with both the new agreed syllabus and the understanding Christianity training.

RE overview 2018

Class overviews for the term can be found on each individual class page.